In the Light of Truth

The Grail Message 


The Holy Word! The Holy Word by Abd-ru-shin in His Work “In the Light of Truth”!

A work written not by the hand of man, but by the hand of God, the Envoy of God, the Son of God!

Reader, do not be indifferent to what edition you accept!

Accordingly, you receive either the genuine or distorted knowledge! You will either be in the Truth or in confusion.

It is proven that untruths were introduced into the remade, later edition.

These untruths create false images in your souls and contradict the Laws of Creation.

Only an arbitrary human hand could bring them into the Message of God.

Proofs of this are given on other pages.

Everyone can clearly see what a wrong picture the remade edition thus brings.

He who still doesn't want to see them can blame only himself.

May he who genuinely wants to follow God´s Truth, as it was given, accept only the original Grail Message, demonstrably given by Abd-ru-shin.

Only this Message is perfect, unchanged, pure, given directly by the Envoy of God.

The very word “remade” speaks for itself! How could the eternal Word, the eternal Laws be ever “remade”?

The discrepancies between the two editions, the pre and post war editions cannot leave the one who seeks the Truth in peace until he in himself comes to recognition.

It is not only the Grail Message that was reworked, but also other writings belonging to it (such as Ephesus, Mary of Magdala, Buddha, etc.) that were censored by the modern church.


But woe unto him who, in order to attract followers, falsifies or alters the Truth, because men find a more convenient form more pleasant. He not only burdens himself with the guilt of falsification and misleading but in addition he also bears the entire responsibility for those who he was able to pull along by making it more convenient or acceptable. He will not be helped when his hour of retribution comes. He will fall into the abyss from which there can be no return, and rightly so! – This too John was permitted to see and warn against in his Revelation.



The Grail Message - Abdrushin