Lecture: I am the Resurrection and the Life, no man cometh to the Father but by me!

Many paragraphs were added to the end of the lecture that are not in the original Grail Message. It begins with the sentence:  

The processes in the cycle of the World of Matter indicated here only in broad outline may also produce a few exceptions which, however, ****
And goes on... read it all carefully. This text implies that the decay of matter is caused solely by the fact that people are developing in matter. If there weren’t people with dark volition then decay would not take place at all... as is clear from this text.

This is of course nonsense... all other discourses in the Grail Message speak to the contrary... only this part inserted into the censored Message contradicts this.

See lecture “The Last Judgement”:

The last judgment-Again, by reason of the consistency of the Natural Laws, the point at which disintegration of each celestial globe must begin is precisely determined: a very definite place at which the process of disintegration *must* develop, irrespective of the condition of the celestial globe concerned and of its inhabitants.****

Lecture: The Primordial Spiritual Planes III

Many paragraphs were added to the end of the lecture that are not in the original Grail Message. It begins with the sentence:  

For His work of purifying Creation which was granted by God the Father, and which became necessary............****
As in wandering downwards Parsifal arrived at the boundary where the World of Matter began, i.e., the area of the human spirits developing from spirit-germs, he reached that plane in which the effects of the dark currents that had also already touched Amfortas first became manifest.****

At this boundary there is the Castle in which Amfortas was priest-king. It is the lowest image of the actual Grail Castle, furthest away from it and most different from it in nature.

The Grail Message clearly states that the imitation of the Grail Castle where Amfortas failed is located on a plane that is the field of activity of the created ones. And it does not lie at the boundary of matter.

In both cases the added text also contains contradictions that contradict the perfection of the Grail Message and thus prove that the Message was altered by a human hand.


The Grail Message - Abdrushin